Project Description


Rustic mocha taste with hints of stone fruit.
Best enjoyed in flip-flops, flannel or both.


About Happy Camper Blend…


e retired our Smokejumper blend due to some supply problems. We decided to reintroduce it here as Happy Camper. It’s crafted in the tradition of a Mocha Java blend. The way these flavors intermingle make Happy Camper a perfect cup to wake up with if you’ve been sleeping under the stars or simply want a cup that really likes a splash of cream or cocoa.

We named it Happy Camper because lots of our customers go camping and they always seem happy when they’re talking about it. So cheers to camping!

In the cup, Happy Camper resonates with rich, heady aromas and a dry fruitiness that is reminiscent of stone fruit and red wine. The body is heavy and accented with spice notes.

It pairs well with a cup of hot oatmeal.