$15.00 - $75.00


Deep Medium Roast - comfortable, smooth, earthy

  • Heavy-bodied yet balanced. Notes of pine, citrus zest, brown sugar.
  • Region: Indonesia : Sumatra : Mandheling Grade 1  
  • Altitude: 4,500 ft. 
  • Process : Semi-washed

Smooth and full-bodied and dancing with aromas like the forest after a rain. We take our Sumatra to a deep medium roast that accentuates the heavy-toned body and brown-sugary sweetness.

Sumatra is one of our perinneal favorites.  The finish lingers like the feeling you get when you finally get to sit down with your feet up.  It pairs well with cream; kinda like popcorn & Chardonnay.

We always roast Sumatra through the first crack, and often into second.  It's quite versatile.