Smoke Jumper

$14.00 - $65.00


Smoke Jumper is heavy-bodied blend with a spice rack of flavors and alluring smoky tones.      The acidity is very low-toned and the body, though heavy, has a creamy texture.  It is one of our boldest and vibrant tasting blends.  The overall tone is warm; notes of clove, prune, and raisen, cinnamon and other spices abound.  On occasion you will get nuances of dark chocolate too.  A ripe, intense fruit-like character presents up front in the profile due to the natural processed coffee we like to play with.

We start with big full-bodied beans from Sulawesi and spice it up with an exotic tasting natural processed coffee; sometimes from Ethiopia, sometimes El Salvador.  We don't always roast to a strict recipe, but roll with the seasonal nature and nuances of new crop offerings and look for coffees that best exemplify our desired "SmokeJumper" taste profile. 

Smokejumper, as the name implies, is jumping with smoky, spicy, fruit notes.  The roast is decidedly dark.  No floral, no citrus, no cane sugar here.  The sugars are developed to a molasses-like sweetness and if the pervasive broody nature of distant burning embers doesn't overwhelm you, spices and other treats abound.