Rez Dawg



Medium Dark Roast | adventure, creative, wild, seasonal

  • Rangy, rustic, authentic...cane sugar, tangy, malt...; this dawg is all over the place.
  • Regions : Seasonal and opportunistic!  Latin America/Africa/Indonesia
  • Brewing: Great in a Mocha pot, or any immersion style contraption like French Press.

This dawg isn’t one to stay close to home, sleeping in a patch of sunlight. It's big, barking and full of adventure. The idea behind Rez Dawg is a blend that has enough of a wild streak to grab your attention and help wake you up. 

To do this we use a darker style roast and make sure we keep a fruit-forward natural process coffee in the blend.  Usually, it's from Ethiopia.  We also pay attention to the tactile sensation of Rez Dawg, 'cause we think a smooth-bodied cup is akin to petting a dog. 

And just like a rez dog, our Rez Dawg is an adventure.  So don't expect it to lay down at your feet or not bark if you put it on a leash (gram scale, timer, etc.).  The coffees and roast style we use here are seasonal, smooth, yet stout.  Enjoy the flavors popping out of your cup throughout the year.  We think you will enjoy it. 

And don't be shy.  With a plop of cream it's a tail-wagging dream.  

Late for the Train coffees are roasted fresh weekly.  We prefer to send them whole bean but if you need us to grind it for you we can.  Just let us know.