Rez Dawg

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Product Description

Medium Dark Roast | adventure, creative, wild, seasonal

  • earthy, cane sugar, tangy, malt, tangerine, balanced acidity
  • Regions : Mexico/Zambia/Papua New Guinea
  • Brewing Recommendation: mocha pot, V60, drip

This dawg isn’t one to stay close to home, sleeping in a patch of sunlight. Big and barking and full of adventure, Rez Dawg combines Brazilian, Sumatran, Yemeni beans, and we roast them just into the dark zone. It’s tail-wagging with cream and produces new flavors depending on your brew method, grind, strength, and time in water. Take this puppy home! We roll with the seasonal nature and nuances of new crop offerings to create a central concept and flavor profile. 

Late for the Train coffees are roasted fresh weekly in Flagstaff, AZ and shipped whole bean.

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