El Salvador

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Medium Roast

This delightful Roast is full of blueberry, raspberry, honey, milk chocolate

Region : El Salvador | Altitude : 3937-5905 ft | Verietal : bourbon| Process : Natural / Dry Processed

This coffee is a great example of an exiting natural process bean; smooth and full of rich sugary fruit.  It has lots of exiting characteristics that I hope you find as fun as we do.  For instance, the chocolate and berries really come through.  This is a great cup for the cooler days coming on.  I would recommend this for pour over and Aeropress.  Drip is of coarse great too. If your looking to change it up, or looking for something different, or interested in a rich cup of coffee that is medium roast, this is the thing!  Enjoy!!

COUNTRY : El Salvador ||  REGION: Apaneca, Ahuachapan 

The majority of the region is mountainous, and although altitude rarely exceeds 1400 meters, it exhibits a number of attributes that lead to high quality coffee production such as volcanic soil, native lush forest, and a fertile environment.
El Salvador as an origin has a natural tendency to produce sweet, versatile and sought-after coffees from small, and generally progressive producers. As such it was an early darling of the current specialty coffee movement. However, in 2013 the county was perhaps one of the hardest hit in Central America by the roya (leaf rust) outbreak and many farms produced negligible-to-nil coffee volume. Diligent and progressive producers have generally rebounded well and are coming back with improved volume and quality each season.

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