North Rim

$14.00 - $66.00



Product Description

Dark Roast | adventure, risk, comfort  

  • rich, oily, baker’s chocolate, pecan, amaretto, mineral, low acidity
  • brewing recommendations: drip, french press

We discovered North Rim in 1996 through an exhausting series of test roasts and cupping sessions. All that hard work and more than a little luck produced our signature blend. The roast is intensely aromatic with a punchy spicy flavor and a crisp and clean finish. We’ve been roasting North Rim every week ever since.

For many Late for the Train regulars, North Rim with a splash of half and half is their daily comfort cup. For those new to the north country, this deep blend can take you to the edge, and beyond. If you want a complex coffee, roasted dark but not bitter, if you’re ready for adventure, North Rim will take you there.

All our coffee is roasted fresh weekly and shipped whole bean from Flagstaff, AZ.

Get your coffee as fresh as it can be. Orders received by 7 a.m. MST Mondays will be shipped on Wednesdays. Orders after 7 a.m. Mondays will ship the following Wednesday.

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