Portofino Espresso



Medium Roast Espresso Blend | Smooth, classic profile with notes of ripe fruit

  • Balanced, creamy body, flavorful and aromatic.  Long finish. 
  • Brewing recommendation: espresso, pour-over.
  • Regions :  - Seasonal new crop offerings - 

With a thick creamy body, perfumed aromas, and intense flavor, our Portofino Blend performs equally well as a black cup of pour-over as it does as a shot in a mug of silky steamed milk.

As espresso, your shots will produce a cup with full body and bright, fruity acidity.  The soft floral aromatics gently give way to a lingering, complex finish. As with many of our blends, Portofino is not created with a cookie-cutter recipe. 

As you likely know, but in case you don't; our coffee is roasted fresh weekly and shipped right after we pack it for you.