Portofino Espresso



Medium Roast Espresso Blend | inspiration, savory, original

  • balanced, creamy body, nutty, chocolate, huckleberry, melon
  • brewing recommendation: espresso, mocha pot, Chemex, V60
  • Regions : Brazil/Honduras/Indonesia 

Our Portofino blend behaves exceptionally well under pressurized extraction; Espresso. With a thick creamy body, perfumed aromas, and intense flavor, Portofino performs equally well in silky steamed milk or served straight up in a demitasse. Your shots will produce a bright scent with ripe fruit/berry notes and hints of soft graham cracker and cocoa. Our lightest roast, Portofino’s sugars haven’t fully caramelized, so they stay clean and bright. Its smooth traditional taste profile takes cream & sugar well. Like all of our blends, Portofino is not a cookie-cutter recipe. We roll with the seasonal nature and nuances of new crop offerings to create a central concept and flavor profile.

As you likely know, but in case you don't; our coffee is roasted fresh weekly and shipped right after we pack it for you.