North Rim



Darker than most Roast  

  • Deep, dark roast notes. Oily, baker’s chocolate, aroma of leather, tobacco. Notes of mineral, pine, molasses-like sweetness.  Crisp finish.
  • brewing recommendations: drip, french press, you name it.  North Rim is better brewed with a little bit more than your usual dose.  You'll appreciate the strength.

We've made our North Rim blend available every week since the day in 1996 when it became a unanimous favorite when brewed at our cafe. The roast is intensely aromatic with a punchy spicy flavor and a crisp and clean finish. 

For many Late for the Train regulars, North Rim with a splash of cream is soothingly comfortable. For those new to dark roasts, this deep blend can feel like a campfire in a cup.  Once you let the initial intensity settle in, you will find that it's savory and rustic, yet isn't bitter like many dark roasts. 

It's smooth and dry texture is pleasant and the finish is clean, not cloying.   If you want a cup that will remind you of where you are and where you've been, look no further.  Wrap your hands around this cup and enjoy!

As you likely know, but in case you don't; our coffee is roasted fresh weekly and shipped right after we pack it for you.