Mountain Town Blend



Medium/Dark Roast | 

- Full-bodied & smooth with roasty tones and notes of cocoa,                                             herbs and citrus.

- Just as Flagstaff has its four seasons, our Mountain Town Blend is created seasonally from new crop offerings from around the world.  We are currently blending a natural-processed Brazil, semi-washed Sumatra, and wet-processed Guatemala after treating each of them to a medium-dark, closing in on the 2nd crack roast profile.  It's a well-balanced cup that reveals a wide range of complexity depending on how you choose to brew it. 

-Immersion style brewing brings out the wilder, deeper tones while drip brewing seems to accentuate the fruit-forward notes and brighter, livelier flavors from the Guatemala.  If you like your espresso with darker roast notes, our Mountain Town Blend is a blend to try.