Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Late for the Train coffees are roasted fresh weekly in Flagstaff, AZ and shipped whole bean.

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Ethiopia has beautiful, high rolling hills and deep soils that are home to the most diverse varieties of heirloom coffees on the planet.  Coffees grown here are interplanted with other crops under a protective shade canopy of trees.  Very little or no agri-chemicals are used and coffees are both wet-processed and dry-pocessed and dried on raised beds rather than patios.

Coffee from Yirgacheffe is renowned for its distinctive, sometimes explosively perfumed bouquet.  In the cup, a delicate balance of body, floral tones and a verve shimmering of citrus will entice you to slow down and savor the birthplace of coffee.

Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude: 5,900-7,200 ft.
Process: Washed

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