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What’s not to like about a dog that sleeps on your sofa all day but bolts out the door and chases cars as soon as you forget to close the front door?  Well, maybe there’s a thing or two but dang it if you don’t soon have ’em back in your home.  That’s our Rez Dawg too.  We change it up from crop to crop to keep you guessing (but hopefully not swearing) about what’s coming next.  We try to keep our Rez Dawg blend kinda wild tasting and temperamental so you can experience new flavors as you change your brew method, grind, volume of grinds and time in the water.

That may sound like we’re being unfair to one of our prized pets, like it’s all bark and run so here’s the deal;  we know everyone likes to see a soft personality in their favorite pet (and coffee) somewhere.  For that, we use a nice, classically soft Brazilian coffee.  It really does leash the beast.  So take this puppy home!  He’s a sweetie.  We promise.

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