Guatemalan - Organic



Organic, ssustainably grown Guatemalan by the ADISQUE Co-op (Association of Integral Sustainable Development of Quezaltepeque) on the Eastern edge of Guatemala. 

Natural shade canopy trees, such as inga, cedar, laurel, citrus and banana protect the smaller coffee shrubs while also providing nitrogen fixing in the soil and a home to migratory birds who consume potentially damaging insects. Selective planting and pruning is practiced for the health of the coffee plants and best cup qualities. The soil is naturally composted in accordance with organic and sustainable practices, while the natural mountain spring water used at the wet mill is recirculated to reduce waste and overall water volume.

During harvest many more family laborers are brought in and specially trained to selectively pick only the reddest, fully ripened fruits to maximize sugar impact. These Guatemala Organic coffee beans are sun dried in the parchment on concrete patios before being dry milled, graded and ultimately cupped at the co-op’s headquarters in the town of Quezaltepeque.


Roasters notes: Balanced, aromatic, medium acidity, notes of honey and brown sugar. A smooth easy drinking coffee that fits for any occasion or time of day! 


Producer: ADISQUE Co-op
Region: Chiquimula Department
Variety: Caturra, Catui, AnaCafe-14, Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 4,600 - 5,400 ft (1400 - 1650m)
Coffee Grading: SHB
Harvest: November - May