Flagstaff Blend



Medium Roast | Classic, Comforting, Clean & Aromatic

  • Refreshing and well balanced. An all-day drinker.
  • Brewing: Chemex, V60 & Auto-Drip
  • Regions : Latin America

One day we got to thinking about some of the things we love most about Flagstaff and played with the idea of capturing the essense in a blend.

Two things immediately came to mind; comfort & inspiration. 

Flagstaff has an ease about it.  A comforting, calming ease.  So we made sure we used a coffee that wasn't just smooth, but really soft and creamy too.

Flagstaff isn't a muddled, noisy place either, so we wanted coffees in the blend that were clear and clean tasting.  And the air is ALWAYS refreshing!  So we made sure we inserted a coffee (Guatemala, El Salvador) with a bright, zesty acidity.  Depending on the year, we also search the offerings from East Africa for these qualities.

Overall the cup has a lot of traditional, familiar taste notes.  The flavors commingle for an easy-drinking experience any time of day, all day.  It's a great cup for those who drink coffee throughout the day.  It doesn't need cream but it's bright enough to pull through a dash of it if that's your way.  Like Flagstaff, we love it!