Flagstaff Blend



Medium Roast | Medium-bodied, Clean tasting & Aromatic

  • Refreshing, well-balanced. An all-day drinker.
  • Brewing: As you like it.  Very versatile.
  • Regions : South America and Indonesia.

     One day we were challenged to put the essence of Flagstaff into a cup of coffee.  After a bit of debate, we decided to strike for comfort, inspiration, and adventure.  Flagstaff has crisp, refreshing air and a smooth, easy-going pace and an ever-present buzz of trail seeking adventure.   

To capture all that we searched for a coffee that was ultra smooth and added two South American coffees for their bright and zesty acidity and sweetness.  The adventure comes with brewing.  As a pourover, we get fruit and citrus notes.  As a French Press, the butteriness is accentuated and deeper tones prevail.

We hope it reminds you of home just as much as it does for us.