Ethiopian Natural Processed

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Lighter side of a Medium Roast

  • Citrus, lemongrass, honey and hints of bergamont
  • Region : Limmu-Jimma Zone-Oromia region | Farm : Burka Gudina Estate | Altitude : 6,000+'
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process : Natural 

Our current offering from Ethiopia is from Sustainable Harvest.  This crop is from a renowned producer named Giday Berhe.  His farm employs 500 full-time, year-round workers on almost 900 acres of land.  He gives back so much of the proceeds from his farm into his community by way of roads, health care access, schools and teaching his farmers cutting edge growing techniques he is known as "Abba Ollie" or "he who uplifts." 

Giday works extensively with heirloom varietals and shades them with over 40 different species of shade trees.  The result in the cup is a striking clarity, sweetness and balance. If we keep the roast tight; not too long, not too short, not too dark, not too light, you get a bouquet of magnolia, and lemongrass.  In the cup it is bright with citrus and notes of sugar cane.  When taken close to second crack, honey & vanilla emerge.  A truly stunning cup.

We only got our hands on two bags of this gem so this will be offered intermittently.