Decaf Black & Tan



Medium & Dark Roast 

  • Balanced, low-acidity, rich, creamy-bodied, nutty, chocolate

This is not an identical twin to our conventionally processed Black & Tan.                                  For our version in Decaf, we use two single origin offerings rather than blends.  But don't worry.  Our Decaf has similar characteristics because we use the dark roast for a consistent, classic French Roast base while we use seasonal offerings to spice things up on the light side.           

We like the clarity that using Single Origins provides.  It also helps introduce people to the quality of organic decafs.  It is tough to find organic decaf coffee.  Especially good ones!  And this is no washed-out wall flower.  Go ahead and add cream if that's how you like it.  

French Press, V-60, Auto-drip...use what you want to.  This Decaf is flavorful and versatile enough to become a great cup even if you don't use a scale, a stopwatch, or themometer. 

As always, Late for the Train coffees are roasted fresh weekly.