Black & Tan



Medium & Dark Roast  

With our Black & Tan blend we worked with the idea that opposites attract and complement each other.  (Not so much polar opposites, just obviously different).  The aim is to meld the deep roast notes over a base of sparkling acidity and refreshing notes for a synergy of surprising complexities.

We use our North Rim for the dark blend because it is big-bodied and intense but not overwhelming.  It's clean finish keeps it from being overwhelming.  For the lighter side of the blend we like using our Portofino or Flagstaff blends depending on which one at the time brings in the balance of bright, sweet, and refreshing aromatics we are looking for. There are times we use a single origin, typically from Africa but sometimes Central America if they are striking, and present the stand alone strength necessary for the blend.

The goal is to create a blend that is both comfortable yet adventurous.  The dark component serves as the comforting base notes.  The selection for the lighter roasts is for an adventurous spark.

Black & Tan is intense enough to feel cozy with a dash of cream.  If, you like a stout cup with a tease of sweetness as the cup cools, then this is it.   Find comfort and adventure in the same cup.