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Thanks for your interest in Late for the Train. 

We are an independent, locally owned and operated, independent business located in Flagstaff, Arizona.  We began in 1993 and operate two full espresso bars and a coffee kiosk in the lobby of our local hospital, FMC.  We also run a full commercial kitchen where we bake sweet things and make our ready-made, grab ‘n go breakfast and lunch burritos.   Our coffee roastery does more than roast coffee.  We also use the facility as a distribution and production facility too.  It’s where we blend teas, cocoas, and brew our own coffee concentrate and cold brew and store extra cafe supplies such as cups and syrups and cleaning supplies.

It’s fun and rewarding to work here.  In 2014 we were awarded recognition as one of Flagstaff’s Iconic 50 businesses.

Coffee is our craft.  In late 2017 we again earned the award of “Best Coffee Roastery in Flagstaff” by readers of the Arizona Daily Sun.

We are a year away from 25 years of being in business.  We’ve learned a lot along the way.  We know what we are doing, why we do it and how to get it done.  For starters, we’re firmly rooted in being a Second-Wave coffee bar.  If you don’t know what that means, go places, talk to people, drink coffee and read.  Know why you’re here, looking for work.

We roast dark and brew it strong.   It’s not that the newer style Third-Wave pour over bars aren’t great when they are great, it’s just not what we do or who we are.  Is it contrarian to brew coffee in large dispensers instead of by the cup?  If so, we’re fine with the distinction.  If being trendy or a geeked out, supertaster barista is your gig you won’t find much traction here. Don’t get us wrong, we’re crazy about our coffee & tea.  We just like using our crazy to help our customers make a simple, satisfying decision when ordering a specialty drink or pound of coffee for home.  That’s why you won’t hear us referencing a dictionary of superlatives or a rainbow of adjectives to describe our coffees.  We stick to what feels real to describe what we get from our freshly roasted coffees; simply comfort, inspiration, and adventure the very same elements that make Flagstaff such a great place to live.

If you are keen on helping us continue our success, read on to better understand our hiring process:

1.   Hand in a resume at one of our cafes.   We read it, we call, we talk, we set up an interview with you.   Sometimes this will be a group interview with other candidates, sometimes it’s just with you.  You might interview with the owner/founder, David but more likely it will be with Aysia our Director of First Impressions (DFI).  She does the hiring, scheduling, and training…not to mention ongoing work performance reviews and any corrective actions that are deemed necessary.  There may be another interview…at some point in this process, you will read our employee employment handbook so you have a clear sense of our rules, regulations and work performance expectations BEFORE you begin.   If you still want to work with us and we think you’ll be a great fit, you’ll be asked to fill out our new hire packet and begin on-boarding with company stuff, getting to know us, getting trained and so on.  We use a cloud based scheduling platform for scheduling to help keep it easy and accessible.

After interviewing and reading our onboarding documents you believe your values and aspirations are in alignment with our mission, vision and values you’ll likely be asked to fill out our new hire packet and begin filling out new-hire paperwork and reading company stuff, getting to know us, getting trained and so on.

2.   Please don’t bother us if you’re just looking for a job.   This is the what we do.  We work hard.  We don’t want to be around others with a temporary,  part-time mentality who don’t have a personal commitment or reason for working here beyond getting wages.  We are a well-run company that is not afraid to entrust the life of the business with its staff.  We don’t fill your life with micro-managers or directives.  We have clear expectations, to-do lists and the necessary tools and training for you to do your job.  How good of a job you do is up to you.  If it isn’t good enough, we’ll let you know.  If it’s better than expected, we’ll let you know that too.

We don’t think work here should be full of surprises, tyrannies, or chaos.  To that end, we have a mission, vision, and values.  They are posted here so you can see what we use to keep us focused and mindful of why we are here together.  They also help guide us when we have difficult decisions to make.  And who doesn’t have some of those from time to time?  Do you want to work with us?   If so, we ask is that you are as careful in your consideration to work here and are as committed to your contribution to our goals and aspirations as we are in making this a great place to work.


Our Mission:

“We Brew Community in a World-Class Cup”

Our Vision:

Help make Flagstaff a wonderful community.

Our Core Values:

1. Formidable resolve to succeed.
2. Be of service to each other and our community.
3. Communicate with clarity, brevity, and honesty.
4. Value our diversity and individual contributions.
5. Be welcoming, friendly, humble and humorous.
6. Hold firmly to personal integrity & commitment.
7. Embrace change, improvement and action.
8. Live with intent; awareness, and wisdom.
9. Protect our Values, Vision and Mission.
10. Strive for excellence in all that we do.